Posted by: Ramone | 9 July 2010

Corners of our Globe: Užupis Republic

Užupis is a neighbourhood in the capital of Lithuania, largely located in Vilnius old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Užupis means “on the other side of the river” in Lithuanian, and refers to the Vilnia River. The district houses art galleries, artists’ workshops, and popular cafés.

On April Fools Day 1997, the district declared itself an independent republic (The Republic of Užupis), replete with an army of 12 personnel. A President and bishop were appointed, four flags were designed (one for each season), and a suitable constitution was duly drawn up. The 41 rights which form the constitution are engraved on mirrors, attached to a wall on Paupio Street:

41 rights of the Uzupis Republic Constitution

This beautiful constitution perfectly reflect the magical aura that Užupis exudes, dificult to find in another places in Europe.

Some one decided one day to bring out this utopic place into our grey world, drawing the reality with the Užupis colours, and puting this corner of the world between amazing brackets for our dreams

Ramón Couto. 09 July 2010

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