Posted by: Ramone | 23 May 2010

Essential is invisible to the eyes

“All the darkness in the world
cannot put out the light of one candle”

Versión española: Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos

Imagine yourself in a fairy-tale, draw a small planet in which to live, made specially for you. Like our planet Earth, but in a personal scale. Then fill it with your people, your everyday life moments and things you like. Also we will put a lot of life to make it beautiful; Species of flora and fauna. Sun, rain, and magic summer storms with its smell of damp earth.

Then stay quiet. Right now. Become aware of yourself and get out of your body, observing it like a puppet from above, as if you were someone else.

Make your world alive and spin around the Sun. Just watch … What is your puppet doing?

What keeps it alive?

Is following what its heart feels…?

… Is it happy?

In this new small planet, your life is magnified and your actions are more apparent. Each step you leave behind with your way of life, seems now bigger.

What you purchase and therefore which kind of business you’re feeding. What are you eating and from where is coming, and if with it you’re contributing to the suffering in the world…

Each provided selfless smile, every sorrow that burdens on your shoulders… Look around how much love deliveries to your friends and family. How you behave with the people you love and those others around you, how do you deal with all living beings and with the Nature. How much you respect yourself, and your inner Self.

Now you can see everything more clearly.

So… How much energy are you giving to love each day, and how much to hate?

That little man, is just the clothing you wear every morning. You lead the puppet, only you decide where you want to go and what to do with it. And it is always possible to choose the way to Roma

Because the change in the world begins in your new little Universe.

And this is the place where we must live today.
Worn out world, so often melancholic and gray, but also full of hope and fellow travelers who are switching for the change. Full of wonderful lights that have decided to make sense of the word LIFE.

You’re the King Star of your Universe, remember every second. And every day, is a new opportunity to radiate each Star that inhabits there with the brightest light .

Ramón Couto. 23 May 2010


  1. Bravo! Very insightful and beautiful entry!

  2. ¡Hombre! ¡Qué bonito!

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