Posted by: Ramone | 16 March 2010

Destiny: ‘Land of Fire’

“All things, oh priests, are on fire. . .
The eye is on fire; forms are on fire;
eye-consciousness is on fire;
impressions received by the eye are on fire.”

Siddharta Gautama

“Protected by the Holy Fire” is another of the popular names from wich Azerbaiján is know.

And this lands of Fire, will be my new destiny. Next 27th March, I will fly from Riga to Moscow, arriving to the capital Baku at night, plus 4 hours difference.

The purpose of my visit to this Caucasian country is to participate in a seminar held in Nabran, small city 3 hours from Baku, located in the north of the country, just in the border line with Russia.

The purpose of this seminar is to explore and discuss cultural frames of different cultures and identify gender issues in that frames, pointing out main problems regarding promotion and development of gender equality affected by the cultural aspects in order to improve the youth work and participation on gender equality.


To encourage and motivate participants to become more active in their own communities and to promote human rights, anti gender discrimination policies and social cohesion of both genders.

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe

» Different Cultures – Equal genders «

Seminar, 29. March – 4. April 2010, Nabran, Azerbaijan

Remaining in the region almost ten days more, the idea is to discover the lands around Armenia, Georgia and perhaps Irán, pearl of Persia.

On 14 of April, I will fly come back from Tblisi, Georgia. One more year old, and the suitcase full of new experiences around the Caucassian countries. And hopefully getting new ideas and future projects in mind…

Ramón Couto. 16 Marzo 2010

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