Posted by: Ramone | 22 February 2010

Under the Northern Star

“We travel as we live”

Cedric V.

“The cold piercing autumn breeze
Fills the longships sail
Soon the lakes and seas will freeze
And snow will lay its veil”


Some pictures about my travel trought the heart of Scandinavian countries, December 2009.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Eight trains, four trams, three ships, three buses, and two travels by car.

4.906 Km.

19 days.

And keep indelible memories in my Soul forever.

A.Liepaja , B.Riga , C.Stockholm , D.Abisko National Park , E.Narvik

Riga, Monument of Freedom

Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan. Stockholm, Sweden.

Archery activities on Christmas day

Narvik, Norway. 200 Km up from Polar Circle

Narvik, Norway. 200 Km. up from Polar Circle

Christmas with Dahlström Family. 25.12.2009

A.Narvik , B.Abisko National Park , C.Timrå , D.Sundsvall , E.Stockholm , F.Turku , G.Helsinki , H.Tallin , I.Rīga , J.Liepāja

Turku Castle bridge

Helsinki Cathedral

Tallin street under the snow veil

Tallin, Estonia

Tallin medieval Square

Ramón Couto. 22 Febrero 2010

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