Posted by: Ramone | 22 February 2010


Versión en español: Mandala

“Si quieres un jardín, debes agacharte y tocar la tierra.
La jardinería es una práctica, no una idea.”

(Thich Nhat Hanh)

The Sanskrit meaning of Mandala is circle. The Tibetan word for mandala is Khil-khor, which literally means “the center and around,” but sometimes translated as “Sacred Circle”.

Tibetan monks constructing in a festival Mandala with sand and the dust of precious stones. After the festival the mandala will be destroyed, expressing the insubstantiality of visible forms.

Radi Vidi Pats house

Rebuilding this days a future volunteer accommodation and other various activities, sometimes you can meet “the Now philosophy” personified.

– “What will happen if after to rehabilitate everything, the owners arrive, and they decide to stay once built?”
– “This house is like a Mandala. You put all your energy to build it, and doesn’t matters nothing more. If tomorrow they come and decide to sell the house, there are other sites that we can start over and rebuild again”- says smiling -.

The simplicity and depth of this way of life, is overwhelming. And I’m proud to collaborate with my colleagues there.

Like the birds that one day the storm carries them nest and must start again, Stass and his family have never stopped singing.

Ramón Couto. 22 February 2010

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