Posted by: Ramone | 14 February 2010


“Not everyone who wander is lost”

Ilze J.

Versión española: Wanderer

In recent weeks, I have made several laps about new horizons. The “Maya” in which everyone lives, sometimes give you a glimpse of light, light flashes hints pointing to a path. And I want to take every opportunity to follow the shine of lightning.

Narvik, Norway. 23.12.2009

The possibility to follow this way, the hope to living a life doing what one really likes is a dream. In Spain we say that “You can’t damming the water,” so when you really want to do something, just only need to find the best way to get it.

Abisko, Sweden. 21.12.2009

I have the feeling that next months will be a turning point, and indeed I hope so. I feel how many things are changing in my life.

Now, when the wind blows strongly, it’s time to deploy the sails, and be one with the Ocean.

Ramón Couto. 14.02.2010


  1. Hi Ramón!! I like your blog, it´s a great idea!! 🙂 Big Hug!!…(como mola escribirte en inglis Ramone!! hahah…un abrazo tío!!!)

  2. Hey Richiii!!!

    Really thank you very much… Nice when the complements come from somebody with a amazing blog like you 😀

    Big hug, crack!!! 🙂

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