Posted by: Ramone | 4 February 2010

Walking trough the waters

The water flows, but back into the ocean;
The moon sinks, but is even in Heaven.

Perceiving the sun in the midst of the rain;
Ladling out clear water from the depths of the fire.


Did you ever think to cross a huge river walking?

Nordic Cold surprises me with this exceptional landscape every day, views that I enjoy when I’m going to work in my small cozy Baltic city.

This weeks, the Liepaja river hosts dozens of fishermen way to his mouth, every day and night in the Tirdzniecības Canal.

Ramón Couto 04 Febrero 2010


  1. Hi Ramón!

    I am very glad that you enjoy my native city as I do now with yours 🙂
    I love to read your posts and remember how I felt when I did my voluntary job in Coruña.
    Muchas gracias para ayudar a mi país y te deseo mucha suerte!
    Espero que has aprendido un poco de leton y que enseñas a los niños mucho español! Y felicitaciones sobre tu blog! Me encanta!
    Saludos desde Coruña

    • Sveiki!!! Ka tev iet? 😀

      Thanks you very much for your coments! I’m also glad that you’re enjoying my native city… sometimes I miss it a little bit, but fortunately I’m here really very well! And I have 8 moths to enjoy it yet…

      Veo que el español lo has aprendido muy bien, me alegro. ¿estás viviendo allí? Disfruta mucho, es un lugar encantador 🙂

      Greetings from the windy Liepaja.

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