Posted by: Ramone | 29 January 2010

Sky is the limit

Versión en españolSky is the limit

–       Su único pesar no era su soledad, sino que las otras gaviotas se negasen a creer en la gloria que les esperaba al volar; que se negasen a abrir sus ojos y a ver.
Aprendía más cada día.

–       No hay nada más difícil en el mundo que convencer a un pájaro de que es libre, y de que lo puede probar por sí mismo si sólo se pasara un rato practicando.

–       Somos libres de ir donde queramos y de ser lo que somos.

–       Rompe las cadenas de tu pensamiento, y romperás también las cadenas de tu cuerpo.

Juan Salvador Gaviota. – Richard Bach –

To want is to can. I have been always sure about this, and now every day more sure of it. After several months here, I can say that the experience of doing an EVS is exceptional and deserves to be shared with everybody, and that should be, and it’s, the main aim of this blog. Bring to you my experiences in first person, and know that you also can live everithing that here is writing. You can’t imaginate how much you learn every day until you look backward with hindsight and perspective. Outside are thousands of experiences waiting for you, only when you break the daily routine and embark yourself on this adventure … avaiable to anyone.

Flying gull welcoming us in the Sweden sea.   28.11.09

EVS is also like a small summary of a life on fast forward. At the begining you’re coming into a strange world for you, and your first steps begins with your new life; Knowing around the city, the country, the place and your aims here. Pronuncing your first words in their language, trying to comunicate. Living side by side with your friends. Those who today walking with you, one day also them will leave your life in the same way as they had come. Steady parade of souls that reminds you how much fleeting is everithing around us, and only matters now

And this is also one of the most wonderful things. Knowing so many different people. People from many countries, cultures, concerns, and searches. People with so much to tell, we have so much for listening… with a kind of unique experiences that you can only listen when you are in this circles. Dreams come true, and sights higher still. And more doors that open… just spread your wings. Like all the histories that one day had been outlined in a dream, that’s how my journey has begun on this lands.

And I know that the best is yet to come. Yet to start the real project for which I have coming here, and for wich I’m really looking forward.

Ramón Couto. 29 Enero 2010


  1. muy bien. encantado.

    brilliant article 🙂

    ***** (5 stars)

    • Gracias David!!!

      Brilliant also your blog 😉

  2. Sky is yet not the limit;)!

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